Ms. Irene So


Certified Financial Planner (CFP)


CEO, Heng Yep International Wealth
Management Limited


Earning the trust and recognition of my clients has always been my greatest satisfaction in my decade-long career in financial industry. I believe that, being a Certified Financial Planner, my long lasting relationship with clients is an invaluable asset.


My experience in banks broadened my vision but also brought regret because simply for satisfying the business quotas set by banks, the most suitable products for clients are occasionally compromised.


In 2000, I was enchanted by the nature of Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), which is to identify clients’ financial needs and provide them with products solutions available in the market, professionally and objectively. I have been devoted to this career since then. Today, the result of our company reflects the satisfaction of our clients and we are proud to become a lifelong partner of our clients.


From my years of experience, I recognized that the key to success is to put myself into clients’ shoes; “To see and feel what they need” By doing so, my professional knowledge could be applied most effectively and efficiently.


Looking ahead, I expect out next generations to enter this industry with the same passion and approach to earn the most invaluable asset – Trust and Recognition of clients.


For me, this is the most meaningful career.


Company Background

2005 Henyep International Wealth Management Limited was set up as a member of Henyep Group to cope with the increasing needs for wealth management in Hong Kong. Henyep Wealth was appointed as a strategic partner by UBS for distribution of its investment funds.
2006 Henyep Wealth became the founding member of the Independent Financial Advisor Association (IFAA), dedicated to the upgrade of industry standard and sound development of Independent Financial Advisory Services in Hong Kong.
2009 In view of the robust growth of China, Henyep Wealth perceived the increasing need for wealth management in China and set up an advisory company in Beijing to present free wealth management education and advisory service to build image in China.
2010 Henyep Wealth builds strategic partnership with immigration consulting company , trust management company to provide comprehensive financial solutions to cope with increasing market needs.
2011 To cope with the business development, Henyep Wealth has been renamed as Heng Yep International Management Limited. This move aims to provide more diversified and quality wealth management services to our clients.
2012 Heng Yep set up an affiliate company named IKY Capital Solution Limited to seek for products fit for investment needs.